Reopening Plan and COVID-19 Resources

August Reopening: Country Day Reunited 

Our reopening plan, Reunited, consists of two parts. Part I consists of an opening overview and details Country Day’s educational plan and many of the safety protocols and procedures. Part II is more specific, providing a walk-through of the school day for your student. In combination, these two documents should serve as an ongoing resource and provide clarity as questions arise. Part I and Part II of the Reunited Plan will be “living” documents and will be updated as phases advance, we learn more, experience more, and find better ways of serving and safeguarding our community.



                               Reunite Part I                                  Reunited Part II                   

COVID-19 Resources

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has implemented a statewide system to document all school-associated cases of COVID-19.  Country Day will be required to use this platform to record COVID-related illness and document case information for students and faculty. 


                                                                              Contact Tracing Tool