Upper School

Country Day Upper School is located on the LSU Alexandria campus. Our early college model allows students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and college credits in partnership with LSU  Alexandria.

Students earn college credits through exclusive on-site dual enrollment classes and immersive college coursework at LSU Alexandria. Freshman and Sophomore students who meet LSU Alexandria and Louisiana Board of Regents requirements can begin taking college credit courses in a setting with high school peers and university faculty. As Juniors, students can enroll in up to 32 college credit hours (16 per semesters) during the regular academic school year. Junior and Senior Dual Enrollment students are part of regular classes in the university setting.

Our graduates are prepared and eligible to enroll in a four-year college or university as a junior, reducing the standard time needed to achieve a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree by two years.

Associates Degree

Students who choose to pursue an Associate’s degree from LSUA may earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree by the time they graduate if they:

  1. Meet with their counselor to declare their interest in an Associate’s degree and complete a degree audit/degree planning sheet
  2. Meet the LSUA and Louisiana Board of Regents Requirements and begin earning dual enrollment credit by the Spring of Sophomore year
  3. Meet both the Math and English ACT or Accuplacer requirements (or complete remedial Math/English courses) by the Fall of Junior year
  4. Maintain a college GPA of 2.0 or higher each semester
  5. Take a minimum of 12 hours each semester beginning in the Fall of Junior Year
  6. Meet all requirements for the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science. 

Beginning in the Spring of their Sophomore year ALL students will meet with our counselor each semester to discuss which courses (both high school and college credit) they should take to keep them on track toward meeting Louisiana high school graduation requirements, TOPS requirements, and degree requirements for their intended future college of choice toward their major of interest. When choosing courses and making schedules, counselors will always reference the current Louisiana Board of Regents Articulation Matrix and strive to ensure that the courses students take at LSUA will transfer and count for credit at the student’s intended future college of choice toward their major of interest.