Summer Work

Keeping students engaged in academic work over the summer is essential to preventing “summer slide.” Continual practice in math and reading is the best way to ensure that students are prepared to continue coursework when school resumes in the Fall.



Students entering grades 3-7, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus will all have math practice through IXL. This adaptive learning platform allows students to work towards mastery of skills at their own pace. The Summer Boost Skills Plan is a four-week plan that allows students to work on targeted skills each day. Students should work towards a Smart Score of at least 80 on each day’s skill (90 for 8th grade).


Language Arts

Students entering grades 3-11 also have access to the IXL Language Arts Summer Boost Skills Plan. Students of all ages benefit greatly from reading at least twenty minutes each day, and that is suggested for all Country Day students. As students begin Middle School, summer reading books are required assignments. When students arrive back at school in August, there will be assignments in which students will be assessed on their knowledge of the text, and the text is central to the learning for the first weeks of school.


Students entering Grade 5 - The Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon (students were given a copy of the book and the reading guide - please contact Kristy Zachary if you need any of these resources)

Students entering Grade 6 - Please email Mrs. Zachary if you need this resource

Students entering Grade 7 - The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Students entering English I - Animal Farm by George Orwell (Bayou Rapides Campus) and follow this link for more information for English I on our Upper School Campus. 

Students entering English II - Follow this link for more information for English II (Spring Semester) 

Students entering English III - Follow this link for more information for English III 

Students entering English IV - Follow this link for more information English IV (Spring Semester) 


If parents or students need help accessing IXL, please contact Dana Lyles at